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Here are all the singles reviews from SP #18 - 10/04

800 Octane - "Get In The Van" 3 song 7 inch
"Get In The Van" is pretty typical straight-ahead Northwestern hard rock that is too literal to be taken seriously. The other two songs are just kind of crappy. Anthony
@ www.infringementrecords.com

All is Suffering - "Surge of Medical Power/Skullbattery" 7 inch
Heavier (Neurosis-influenced?) darker 'core, from this now-defunct Maryland outfit. It goes down better when they put the pedal to the metal and crank out the speedy stuff, but when they slow down and give the guitarist some, one realizes that they hadn't quite gotten all the kinks out. Hopefully they'll manage to properly iron things out in their new bands. David
@ www.scenecred.com

Arabella/Bafabegiya - split 7 inch
Bafabegiya play mid tempo hardcore, modestly recorded, and played with enthusiasm. Arabella is female screamcore with harmonies, if you can call somone sounding like they're vomiting as harmony. Pretty solid, and there's a lyric sheet that should come in handy. Mel
@ www.spacementreno.com

Automatics/Lopez - split 7 inch
Silly, gritty garage punk. The two bands have shared membersä?, maybe, not sure. but their sound differs slightly. "Out To Lunch" is the best song of the four. Nice buzzing guitar sound. Anthony
@ Small Town Records

Avatars - "Wait/There Was a Time" 7 inch
Female-voxed kinda-oldschool-influenced rock; kinda like the Detroit Cobras if they wrote their own songs, albeit ones not quite up there with those of their heroes. The flip works better than the A-side. Not bad, if still "opening-band-on-three-band-bill" based on this evidence. David
@ www.nofunrecords.com

Broken Bottles - "Bloody Mary" 7 inch
These third rate losers want to be Social Distortion so badly they can taste it. You can taste the bitter tang of Bloody Mary's broken "cherry in the cemetary." As much as I love vinyl, this is another reason to pray for the death of the petroleum industry. Anthony
@ Revenge, 5835 Harold Way #203, Hollywood, CA 90026

Czolgosz/elo - split 7 inch
Nice political punk, with elo contributing two songs in Espanol, and Czolgosz slamming down some fine political punk as well as a punkified version of the Cure's "Killing an Arab" (that's respectful to the original instead of being a mere pisstake-cum-novelty). David
@ www.czolgosz.com

Distraction/Hatepinks - split 7 inch
French and American bands do what their respective governments can't seem to do; work in the spirit of cooperation and do some good, i.e. this single (of course it helps that the Distraction never invaded Iraq, but that's another story). Hatepinks from France crank out some cool garagey punk (including a cover of the Swell Maps' "International Rescue") and further proof to all non-Metal Urbain/No-Talents rekkids-owning folk that yes France is capable of some tres cool punk-rock. The Distraction do okay on their end (two solid, if unessential tunes) but the Hatepinks take this without question. David
@ www.chez.com/lollipoprecords

East Bay Chasers - "It Came From The East Bay" 7 inch
Bargain basement punk rot from a bunch of typical Cali dorks that couldn't scare my grandma. I've heard pedestrian songs like "Miserable" from a gazillion bands going back fifteen years and it never ceases to amaze me how they almost all have that same crappy, low rent guitar sound. Weak. Anthony
@ Five+Dime, Box 23441, Oakland, CA 94623

Ends - "New Rome/Saw It Comin" 7 inch
Old-school-touched punk, with vocals that seem post-Pistols (remember them?) in delivery. As with more than a few singles this month the flip is the one that makes the most impact. Solid, but it almost sounds like they're saving the best stuff for the next album. David
@ www.dirtnaprecs.com

Faux/Plunge into Death - split 7 inch
Plunge into Death = darker dance party stuff, that makes a detour into some guitar noise around the middle. Nice try but nothing to throw away the li'l Pocketknife CD for. Faux does darker death-disco punk, okay but kinda pales compared to the Sixteens, et al. Not quite recommended, though I'd be interested in see how the Faux proceed from here (if they're still around that is; Sadly Kirsten Malone of said group was killed after being struck by a car while on her bicycle back in June) David
@ www.misterrecords.com

Fifth Hour Hero/Sainte Catherines - split 7 inch
This is not bad at all. Thrifty, economical, well-aimed post-punk done with deftly frenetic aplomb. At the supermarket with Lawrence Arms and Neighborhood Texture Jam buying beef jerky, lotion and batteries. "A Map Within" teases with it's "I-may-start-to-suck-at-anytime, but-no-I-won't" motif. Fifth Hour Hero throb enough to keep from being static on side one. On side two the Sainte Catherines blast off with some teetering-off-the-table HC on "The International Badminton Championship: La P'tite Grise Vs. Jef." Very nice work. Anthony
@ www.yoyorecords.de

fitts.gif (5k)Fitts - "I Have to Laugh" 4 song 7 inch
Solid snotty punk rock with female vox courtesy of Alicja from the Lost Sounds (though this is far closer to recorded-underneath-the-stairs garagey punk than the darkwave-punk of the LS). On marble vinyl. David
@ www.bigneckrecords.com

Flaccid Trip/William E. Whitmore - split 7 inch
WEW's contribution is a decent acoustic strum-and-singalong that sounds like it could come from some back porch somewhere. The flip from FT is a not-so-decent instro piece that sounds more like they warming up on a certain part of a song than a song in of itself; hard to believe there are former members of the fab Ten Grand among their ranks. A flaccid trip indeed. David
@ www.scenecred.com

Flakes - "Straight Jacket" 3 song 7 inch
These Swedes play hard rockin' power-pop with a bit of Descendents influence. Despite not being the title track, "She's So Natural" is the strongest tune here, and this take is a bit less polished than the album version, and I like it a lot better. This band has been around since '93, on and off, so check out their website for vintage downloads of some cool melodic out of print rockers. Mel
@ www.the-flakes.com "She's So Natural" MP3 download

Frankenixon - "Sweaty From Your Uselessness/Hello? Hello?" 7 inch
I would certainly be hard pressed to call these songs. Suites or Opus' would be a more fitting description. Using a piano as a foundation and Evelyn Finch's vocals as the foundation, the pieces are "loosely constructed, unrehearsed and unplanned" and yet sound cohesive, even when they're adding in sounds of technology, like the signal of a phone. Question I have, is that since by their own admission each cut they play is usually 6 or 7 minutes long, why did they record this at 45 rpm? Either way, it's an interesting jazzy and moody pop way to spend the time. RBF
@ www.bifirecords.com

Gein and the Grave Robbers - "Humanoids From the Deep" 5 song 7 inch
Yep it's "horror-surf" featuring mostly mid-paced surf tunes, managing a darker feel without going over the top into the realm of cheese. Doesn't quite raise the dead but nice solid surftones nevertheless. David
@ www.geinandthegraverobbers.com

Germs - "Lexicon Devil" 3 song 7 inch
Yep it's yet another "fan club" (hehheh) appearance of the famed Germs 7 inch
er, the one with Weirdo Nicky Beat on drums and "Circle One" and "No God" on the flip. Yeah, chances are good you already have this in one form or another, but if not here's a chance to own it on the format it was originally released on (and with a big hole to boot). David
@ Kablap, no address

Husbands - "Daniel/You Need Hands" 7 inch
"Daniel" is a sparse minimalist stomper from this SF all female (at the time) trio, while the flip is, sadly, not the same tune that Malcolm M. crooned in The Great Rock-n-Roll Swindle. The flip's okay, but "Daniel" is what makes this platter worth grabbing. David
@ www.bluebusrecordings.com

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Inversions - "Domestic Disturbances" 7 inch
Classic '77-style punk, as one has come to expect from Rapid Pulse. The title track is an excellent example of the genre, even though it lacks a nice, dirty guitar break. "They're All Dead" is a slower but no less appealing punker that reminds me a little of Eddie and the Subtitles, whereas "She's Blonde" is a faster track with one of those spot on alternating choruses. Good stuff. Jeff
@ www.rapidpulserecords.com

Itch - "Another Juxtaposition" 5 song 7 inch
Sloppy and moderately lo-fi punk that sounds like lots of other (Midwestern) bands, but the songs are above average. Nothing to shout about, but I didn't want to toss it after one listen. Anthony
@ www.weerockrecords.com

Juvenile Wrecks/Peabodys - split 5 song 7 inch
The songs on this are copywrited in 2000, so I'm not sure if this is new or not. Mutant Pop label vets the Peabodys do the snotty punk pop sound made popular by Screeching Weasel and the Queers to good affect; any of their three tracks could easily have made the cut for "Boogadaboogada". Juvenile Wrecks aren't that much different, maybe not quite as snotty sounding and with a little more reliance on the hooks, but they still have plenty of the vocal affectations down pat. If you are fan of good pop punk, this will float your boat. Steve
@ no address

Keith John Adams - "This is a Six Track EP" 6 song 7 inch
Hailing from the UK, Adams brings along the Isle's history of seeing things just a bit skewed. An example of this can be shown in his first group, made up of guitar, drums, and violin. His present pop sensibilities are explored through this very daring and very experimental pop view. His press regards it an "angular," which feels truthful. Des O'Connor on acid? At first I thought this harsh, but the more I think about it, the more accurate it feels. The two best cutsäwell, the most interesting to me anyway were the first on each side. While worth checking out if you're into that kind of insanity. RBF
@ www.kabukikore.net

Kickz - "One Day/Don't Ask Why" 7 inch
One original, backed with a Replacements cover on the flip. Old-schoolish type punk that goes along at a decent pace. Solid, if more of a taster than a fully satisfying meal. Won't gather the most play in the ol' jukebox, but not bad. On swirled-marble vinyl. David
@ www.mortville.com

Killer's Kiss - "Gotta Lotta Love/Backslider" 7 inch
Featuring refugees from the Spoiled Brats, Cripples, and Spastics focusing on the post-Oblivians soul-punk-garage thang with more than your recommended daily requirement of fuzz. Not bad, but they'll probably need some more time belting it out live before they give Tim Kerr any sleepless nights or annihilate memories of their former outfits. David
@ www.bluebusrecordings.com

Krunchies - "Interrobang" 6 song 7 inch
This label has really been making a name for itself with its quality punkasfuck releases, and this is no exception. Lower-fi garagey punkrocknroll with male and female vox, mostly the former but the latter make their presence known as well. Fun stuff to bop around the living room to. On clear vinyl. David
@ www.criminaliq.com

Latin Dogs - "Killed in Jail" 6 song 7 inch
Nowhere-near-legit reissue of KBD fave's 7 inch, complete with reprinted lyric sheet. Pretty good period 'core, if nothing I would pay triple-digit-figures for. Still, at least now you won't have cough up said sum to stock this for your local jukebox. David
@ um...

Locomotions - "Teacher" 4 song 7 inch
Is there a better Swedish garage punk band these days? I don't think so, and this 7 inch, dedicated to the Exploding Hearts, shows off their great originals and two fun covers. Lead singer and axe slinger Martin Savage (ex-Blacks, Dixie Buzzards) once again sings each note like his life depended on it, with blazing guitar work, and a beat that never misses. This band take the style of the Stooges, the Kinks, and any number of raunchy punk bands that know their R&B and make it their own. With covers of Roy Orbison's "Claudette" and John Fogarty's "Almost Saturday Night" mixed with two originals, you get a real taste for the band and their roots, and if this doesn't make you realize that the epitaph for punk shouldn't be written quite yet, then nothing will. Steve
@ www.bigneckrecords.com

Motorhome - "Commando" 3 song 7 inch
Whoa!, what's this? Loud, snotty blooze rock with a swift guitar intro that hollered Mule, or was it Mother? (Does anyone out there recall the perplexing and contagious swamp blues of Detroit's Mule and Champaign's Mother? Didn't think so.) Either way, "Commando" is a boot-knockin' good time with the whiskey shits. Impressive. Two more songs on the B-side that I don't hate, especially "Raw Deal." Dude, it rocks! But in a good way. Anthony
@ www.infringementrecords.com

Mystery Girls - "Turned On" 7 inch
Pretty good garagey rock that actually sounds like it could be blasting out of the local garage instead of hanging at the local hipster hotspot looking for the A&R folks. Available once again on clear vinyl for those who missed it the first time around and don't want to make the same mistake again. David
@ http://smashintransistors.homestead.com/BancroftRecords.html

neins.gif (5k)Neins - "Skinny Black Jeans/B. Gordy" 7 inch
Nice garagey rock-n-roll, with a fine (mostly) instro on the flip. More-than-competent use of keyboards promises good things ahead. From Oregon. David
@ www.theneins.com

Neptune - "At the Pink Pony/A Car is a Weapon" 7 inch
Sounds like one of your more outrÈ angular post-punk album tracks played at 45 (the vocals remind you that yes you do have it at the right speed). Both tracks apparently recorded live (and a tad on the lower-fi side), with utilizing the usual scrap metal instruments and the like. Almost but not quite as interesting as I'm probably making it sound. David
@ www.misterrecords.com

Ponys - "Wicked City/Little Friends" 7 inch
I'm guessing this predates the "Loaded With Romance" CD; a bit garagey with buzzsaw guitar and new wavish vocals. These folks have given up some goodies in their time, but to be honest these two pale compared to what the "LWR" disc has to offer; "Wicked City" just plods along and outstays it welcome by too long. "Little Friends" is better but still sounds more like a warmup for the CD (where a superior rendition of said tune can be found). Only die-hards need apply. David
@ www.bigneckrecords.com

Primitive Calculators - "Glitter Kids" 3 song 7 inch
Interesting one, this. Three songs apparently taken from a live show at the Champion Hotel in Fitzroy, Melbourne 1979. Blistering synth/electronic "art"-punk (not dissimilar to, say, the Screamers) that could stand up to any similar offerings that the "other" colonies (not to mention the so-called "mother country") had to offer. If it's true their live album's being reissued (with extra trax, natch) later this year then I'll definitely have something to look forward to. Apparently only 400 made so start your searching today. David
@ www.project.net.au/primitivecalculators/releases.html

Radiobeats - "Blow You Up" 4 song 7 inch
For some reason I was expecting power-pop-tinged punk (blame the band nameä) but I got full-speed garagey punkrocknroll (West Virginian style) that's very tasty indeed. Thank you sir may I have another. David
@ www.bigneckrecords.com

reallosers.gif (5k)Real Losers - "Go Nutzoid!" 4 song 7 inch
Out of England, this band is right out of the Rip-Off vein of lo-fi garage punk, with plenty of great hooks and energetic vocals. Take a healthy dose of the Ramones with poor sound quality and some shredding guitar solos and that about describes this band perfectly. This label has also put out things by the Loudmouths, Mensen, and Fifi and the Mach III, so this fits right in. Lots of monster garage fun for sure. Steve
@ www.wrench.org

Roolettes - "Cigarette Breakdown" 3 song 7 inch
A-side taken from the album, the two songs on the flip are new. The A-side is a decent energetic punk ditty that's taken tips from the classic platters of the past, but it's missing that special something (or the ingredients were added in the wrong order) to put it over the top. The pair on the flip are pretty weak toss-offs that manage to drag the whole thing down. Pass. David
@ www.vinyljapan.com

Seger Liberation Army - "2+2=?/East Side Story" 7 inch
Gotta say, a brilliant concept. Members of various Detroit bands, including the Dirtbombs, New Bomb Turks, and the Clutters, have gotten together occasionally to remake Bob Seeger songs into their own, but with respect. Overall, I think Bob's okay, but not my ball of wax, but these guys take his material and make it into heavy garage rock a little lighter than Steppenwolf. Can truly give a one a new appreciation of Seeger. I hope he's humbled and proud. RBF
@ www.bigneckrecords.com

Sex Sex Sex/Scarecrow - "Fuck The World" - split 7 song 7 inch
Translucent yellow vinyl from a German label with two trash punk bands that obviously worship The Dwarves. Sex Sex Sex doesn't add anything new but they can execute the formula quite effectively on "Last House On The Left." Scarecrow are more edgy and aggressive on "Spider Inc" and "Leave Behind." Anthony
@ www.dsbrecords.de

Sick Fits - "Mirror Creeps" 3 song 7 inch
Solid slightly-more-than-mid-tempo punk from Capital City, Canada, title track's more memorable than the two on the flip. And, uh, yeah. Not bad, just not the most memorable piece of vinyl I've come across this issue. David
@ www.bigneckrecords.com

Silent League - "The Catbird Seat/How?" 7 inch
Coming off Mercury Rev, Justin Russo's new project is a mellow, piano-based style. Melody wise, the titular cut sounds amazing like the chorus of "Gangsta Paradise." The John Lennon/Yoko Ono cover on the second side is a nice touch and appropriate for him, but please, Justin, lay off the echo. Sounds a little like it was recorded in a tunnel. RBF
@ desolationrecords@hotmail.com

Skulls - "Gold and Ruby Red/Seven and Seven Is" 7 inch
Two songs, one of which is the Love chestnut, from this reactivated 70s LA punk trio. Not bad for a "reunion" disc, but doesn't quite live up to former glories. The best part is the (7-inch-sized) booklet from Billy Barnes that comes with the record. Only 1000 made so old-schoolers will probably want to grab their canes and head on down to grab it. David
@ www.headlinerecords.com

Slow Slushy Boys - "Shotgun Boo-ga-loo/Why (I Want to Know)" 7 inch
The guys do real solid and respectful versions of Jr. Walker and the All Stars' "Shotgun", and funkmeister Nathan Hall's "Why (I Want to Know)" (without his bass voice). You can get down with swinging version of the roots of funk. RBF
@ www.soundflat.de

Snuky Tate - "Who Cares" 4 song 7 inch
Another in a series of "fan club" reissues, at least some (all?) of this has been comped before, but here you get the whole shebang in one sitting. Vox touch on David Thomas (Pere Ubu) a bit, with the Mutants providing rawer than usual (for them) but still distinctive mid-tempo punk that made this stand out from the pack. Worth hunting down and most likely mucho easier to find than the originalä David
@ leave a note for the vinyl elves

Solar Flares - "Reflections"/"Open Your Eyes" 7 inch
The Solar Flares are British, but their sound seems more akin to '68-era American psychedelia. "Reflections" showcases slightly swirly psych with a pronounced organ, pretty vocals, and a heavy wah-wah guitar, and the organ has a bit of an Ultimate Spinach or Fever Tree tenor. "Open Your Eyes" is not a cover of the Nazz song, but a heavier, uptempo, psychedelic rocker that fuses US and British elements. An atypical sound for a neo-'60's group. Jeff
@ twistrecords@aol.com

Spitting Teeth/1-2-Go Crew - split 7 inch
ST are your run-of-the-mill crapcore band with more jizz than talent. 1-2-Go Crew are a dorky rap act that re-interprets 7 Seconds with the ridiculous "Walk Together Rap Together." The rest doesn't merit any ink. One for the recycling bin. Anthony
@ www.1234gorecords.com

Strong Come Ons - "Yell a Lot and Suck" 4 song 7 inch
Distorto-lo-fi "production" from this Wisconsin crew with the Catholic Boyz link. Despite the cover promising DIY=shit (supposedly named after an Oblivions song, depending on who you talk to), this is a quite good garagey-punk platter, one of the better things to come out of Wisconsin this issue. David
@ www.bigneckrecords.com

Thee Fine Lines - "Lose Control" 4 song 7 inch
Take what I said about their CD and apply it here as well. Lo-fi garagey tuneage that wouldn't take too much convincing to get passed off as some long-lost Childish sessions. Trista Winn also gets two tunes of her own to sing as well. Pretty good if you already delved into the CD and further proof they should let Winn at the mike more often. David
@ www.weerockrecords.com

Thee Hangmen - "Spring Heeled Jack" 4 song 7 inch
OK, these guys are from England, so don't confuse them with the California outfit, or the two or three other bands that also probably use the same name. And on the label website, they are referred to as "The" Hangmen, which will just add more confusion to the issue. This is a pretty decent slab of psychobilly, taking bits and pieces of the Damned or Motorhead speedy hardcore vocally (and occasionally musically and mixing it with rockabilly rhythms. It's got a very lo-fi production, which doesn't work all that well for this style since the bass is kind of buried, but I imagine they're fun to see live and they've got a very danceable beat. I'd like to hear something a little punchier from the studio, but they're worth checking out. On clear red vinyl. Steve
@ www.dislocate.co.uk

Thee Minks - "Songs About Boys" 4 song 7 inch
Three girls doing the garage punk thing, and the lead singer could easily be a stand in for Patti Smith vocally if Patti's voice ever gave out. In fact, there is even some similarity in the songwriting, with the opening cut "Lust For You" being a song that at least musically could easily fit on Smith's first release. After that, things get a little more standard, but it is still a nice lo-fi garage rock adventure, with all the classic beats and guitars you look for in a good garage record. On pink marbled vinyl. Steve
@ www.steelcagerecords.com

Trailer Park Tornados - "Don't Mind the Maggots" 4 song 7 inch
Lo-fi rampaging fuzzorama punk from Buffalo that all good distoro-garage heads should be into. The tinny organ on "Dial 'L' For Loser" promises nice tweakness ahead if they choose to go in that direction (one can only hope). David
@ www.bigneckrecords.com

Traitors - "Bring Me the Head of Matt Skiba" 3 song 7 inch
Three punk rock songs slagging off punk rock. Go figure. The first titular song is about their drummer who left to join a more successful (read lucrative) band, and reeks of jealousy ("punk rock's not about happy endings"), though with a sense of humor about it ("So would I if I could"). While this song is heavy with some metal elements, the other two are pure speed punk, but still bitchy with more black humor. From "Too Live to Die": "I don't like punk rock bandsä/I am just a fucking pussy", and in "In Can See Your Dirty Pillows": "Fucking leather jackets/And spiky green hair/Fucking stupid punk kids". I hope those kids have an understanding of subtlety. I would have liked to have heard a song whose lyrics they listed but isn't on the record, "Cheney (Don't Be a Dick)." On red vinyl. RBF
@ www.johannsface.com

Triggers - "Bad Dream" 3 song 7 inch
Snotty punk with mostly female vox, though when the male vox kick in as well the interaction is almost Blatz-like (they do sound closer to the modern day than the "vintage-punk" they've been tagged with. Not bad. David
@ www.dirtnaprecs.com

Tyrades - "I Am Homicide" 3 song 7 inch
A Tyrades original backed by Wire and Headcoats covers, kicking booty on all 3 counts. If our good friend Bobby Pyn had a sex change the vox would be like this (a compliment!). Something to add to your local jukebox, whether the proprietors of said joint want it there or not; if it's a sports bar with a #$%ing CD jukebox kick the fucker in, break out the portable, and crank it up! David
@ www.shitsandwichrecords.com

Upstab - "Stabbing The Church" 7 inch
I think that's the band's name. With the shitty d-i-y sleeve it's hard to be sure. Dirty garbage punk that hangs with 14 year olds in bootleg Necros t-shirts. Lousy with a capital louse. Anthony
@ no address

Vapids - "We Can't Do It" 7 inch
Two songs here, the B-side starts off sounding like it'll be an instrumental, then kicks in with their Ramones via "Love Songsä" era Queers sound. The one thing that differentiates this song a bit is some killer lead guitar work and some fuzzy production. I start with the B-side because frankly it actually has a tad more originality than the title track, which really might as well be the Ramones. No problem with that here because as always, the Vapids do a great job mimicking that trademark sound, but if it's something original you are looking for, try the flip first. 300 on gold marble wax. Steve
@ punkrockln1@comcast.net

Wayouts - "1985" 7 inch
The Wayouts were a garagey punkish outfit circa 198-86 who roamed the clubs and back alleys of San Francisco where Morlocks aside, the garage punk movement had yet to gain a real foothold. As you can probably expect from a 19-year old live cassette the fidelity is on the lo-fi side. Based on this they didn't seem bad at all, probably better than the genericness that some of the hardcore folks were beginning to embrace at the time. Not the great lost garage band, but a nice souvenir nevertheless. David
@ J & T, 113 U St., NW (alley), Washington D.C.

Xbxrx - "We Hate the President" 4 song 7 inch
4 short songs on a one-sided 7 inch (to be played at 45 RPM yet) that'll probably give you more enjoyment than most 70-minute CDs you'll come across this year. Fucked-upness reaching hardcore velocity that could probably wipe the floor with the sorry arses of folks like Slapshot and crew. Slap this on and watch the mayhem begin. On clear red vinyl. David
@ www.narnackrecords.com

Ye Olde Buttfuck - "How to Get To Heaven From Chattanooga, Tennessee" 4 song 7 inch
Kinda countryish, though not so much in terms of trying to channel Johnny Cash or Wilco as much as cranking out sing-along darker (drunken?) tunes to get drunk to. And yes there's an Iggy Scam connection in here somewhere. On vinyl as clear as that empty bottle you stored your moonshine in. David
@ Shut Up!, PO Box 1671, Oakland, CA 94604

V/A - "The Bowery Electric: A Tribute to Joey Ramone" 3 song 7 inch
Excellent, just excellent. Three cuts here. The first is "The Bowery Electric," played by, of course, The Bowery Electric Crew, made up of Marky Ramone, Tommy Ramone, CJ Ramone, Jed Davies, and Daniel Rey, the last person to record demos with Joey (and with whom Joey's family is in litigation with over the tapes). Anyway, the song is a very touching pop rock ballad about there being something missing in Greenwich Village. Very touching. The second song is more Ramones-ish, by Goin' Places (winners of the Bowery Electric Festival), "Never Forget." It's more of an overall "thank you" to the Ramones and their body of work as a whole. Lastly, Suzy & Los Quattro do "I'm Not Glad to See You Go," dedicated to Dee Dee. As with the others, it rocks pretty good, in a ballad form. Amazing work, and thanks guys. RBF
@ www.notomorrowrecords.com

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