On the April 19th episode of Celebrity Apprentice, Joan Rivers continued her series of vicious, bitchy, borderline psychotic attacks on poker player, Annie Duke. Rivers' tirade culminated in comparing Annie to Hitler! The irony here is that the former German dictator was always a huge fan of the 107 year old comedienne. In any case, on Monday Joan Rivers, somehow not realizing she had already gone way too far, issued an apology to Hitler. I decided to do some research to check the appropriateness of the comparison, and this is what I came up with. Mel C

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Responsible for World War Two Played no role in World War Two
Killed 17 million people No known homicides
His powerful oratory stirred millions Tends to get on people's nerves fairly quick
His autobiographical "Mein Kampf" sold more than 10 million copies Her autobiographical "How I Raised, Folded, Bluffed, Flirted, Cursed, and Won Millions-and You Can Too" reached #21,342 on Amazon, and was nominated for a Pulitzer prize in the "longest title" category
Served a year in Landsberg prison in 1924 for his attempts to overthrow the German government Has 4 teenage kids
Known for his distinctive mustache Had mustache one time as a result of drinking milk
Tried to implement "Final Solution" Tried to make "final table"
Aided by Heinrich Himmler and Rudolph Hess in his reign of terror Co-hosted poker TV show with Phil Helmuth
Served as leader of the controversial National Socialist German Workers Party Serves as spokesperson for the scandal prone Ultimate Bet website
Preached the superiority of the Aryan race Preaches the superiority of folding marginal hands in early position
Never won a major poker tournament Never won a major poker tournament

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