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beausouth.gif (4923bytes) Beautiful South has been one of the greatest bands of the last decade with their soulful brand of Britpop. Their 2006 live DVD captures a peak performance - 19 songs recorded at an outdoor venue in the UK. Former Housemartins Paul and Dave now share vox with Alison, the group's latest girl singer, whose vocal talent and stage presence adds a lot to the band. manikins3.gif (3546bytes) The best punk single of the year was from the Manikins, a Swedish band with big time powerpop hooks. The band's best song yet was on the Plastic Idol label, until they sold all 500 copies in a day. "Spend the Night Alone"
sunnyglas.gif (6k)A Sunny Day In Glasgow's debut EP with the great Guided By Voices cover "Game Of Pricks" sold out, but this Philadelphia shoegazer band rewarded fans with some great downloads as well in 2006. "Watery" trala.gif (7k) These girls and guys from the Big Apple released their second album in 2006. Continuing in the vein of their classic "All Fired Up" Tralala revive the girlpop garage sound with energy and style.
nelliem.gif (6k) Nellie McKay appeared on the Conan O'Brien show to perform "Tipperary" from her latest double album. Her kookiness and charm were a perfect fit with her backing band, the Max Weinberg Seven. pips.gif (8k) Finally a full album from the Pipettes instead of just a string of catchy limited edition singles to fit in your polka dot lmtd ed box. Polished girl group tunes paying homage to the '60s. Think Sandi Shaw and Dusty Springfield.
manlovesui.gif (4693bytes) Manhattan Love Suicides from Leeds, England are another entry in the girlpop revival. Their fuzzed out melodies recall the Shop Assistants. "Suzy Jones" shesir1.gif (3371bytes) She, Sir are an Austin, TX based duo that pile on walls of ethereal echoey guitar like MBV and Study Of the Lifeless. Their 7 song self released CD-R includes "My Way Of Staying Connected."
upstarts.gif (8k) Angelic Upstarts were the top British punk band of the early '80s, and this 2006 CD on Captain Oi! compiles their seminal singles. Their first single, "The Murder Of Liddle Towers" from '78 is included, as are the legendary "I'm An Upstart" and "Teenage Warning." radiod.gif (7k) Sweden's Radio Dept may have had the best album of 2003 with "Lesser Matters." They struck again in 2006 with "Pet Grief," which musically falls between New Order and Swedish indiepop. Album of the year. "Why Won't You Talk About It"
hirsch.gif (5k) Hanna Hirsch is a Swedish 5 piece whose brand of punk is reminiscent of the great '80s band Funeral Oration, from Holland. HH's energetic tunes will appeal to everyone but audiophiles. "Open Sky" plewis.gif (4218bytes) Parker Lewis has only released a 3 song CD-R and some MP3 downloads, but this new Swedish band will be heard from. Their gentle melodies are pure ear candy, so let's hope for a full length in 2007.
philadelphia.gif (5k) "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" stars Danny DeVito. and is the funniest TV show since "Arrested Development." "Dennis and Dee Go on Welfare" is a rollicking must-see episode. gallen.gif (5k) Who would ever think that an American election could be a bit of a bright spot, but November did prove that the bad guys don't always win, as career scumballs George Allen, Conrad Burns and Rick Santorum all lost bids for re-election to the Senate.
noparachute.gif (6k) Indiepop fans of the world unite. The "No Parachute" DVD comp features tracks from Boyracer, Haywains, Trembling Blue Stars, Cannanes, Pia Fraus, Of Montreal, Architecture In Helsinki and more. Great stuff. gbvdvd.gif (4423bytes) Guided By Voices called it quits assured of their place as one of the great American bands. This DVD documents their final 4 hours, with this live set from Chicago's Metro. Songs include "Teenage FBI," "I Am a Scientist." "Motor Away" and, well, 60 others.
blog.gif (5k) Music blogs developed into a vital resource in 2006. What music fan could get by without regular trips to their favorite blogs, and the joy of finding a new one that shares your tastes and turns you on to the coolest new tunes. pearlscd.gif (5k) The Pearls were a UK pop duo who had some chart hits back in the '70s. Their danceable poptunes were a throwback to '60s pop in the same era that spawned Abba. Released on CD for the first time in 2006 by the great UK reissue label Revola.
bjaxx.gif (9k) Basement Jaxx' 2006 appearance on Conan O'Brien featured a knockout version of "Take Me Back To Your House," a bouncy, funky slice of contemporary house/disco that's simply irresistible. messthetics.gif (5k) The Hyped To Death label has been a great resource for collectors. In 2006 H2D rescued Milwaukee's the Shivver's brilliant 1980 sessions from obscurity, and released the latest volumes of the Messthetics series of late '70s rarities from the British underground.

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